Invest in EcmaScript 6

(This post is a response to The State of JavaScript in 2015)

It's no secret that the JavaScript ecosystem has a high level churn. New libraries and frameworks coming out and pushing the boundaries is a good thing. The primary complaint seems to be the level of noise is too high. It's overwhelming for new comers who just want to build a damn app.

And that's fine.

The fundamental problem isn't the noise, it's investing in the noise. You won't get passed up if you don't pay attention to the noise. You will get passed up if you don't filter the noise, and focus on what is actually important and invest in that.

EcmaScript 6(ES6) is the future of JavaScript. Any library or framework you will use 5 years from now will be built on top of it. Coding in ES6 is significantly different from ES5. There are a ton of new features to learn, and you'll do yourself a favor by being ahead of the curve whenever libraries and frameworks start adopting new patterns that make use of the new features.

Don't get overwhelmed and use all the new features at once. Start with some of the simple features like template literals and arrow functions. Learn when it's appropriate to use them and when it's not. I've been using Tracuer (an ES6 transpiler) in production for six months and I still haven't used Generators or Promises. WeakMaps and Sets made their first appearance just this week.

Check out the es6 shim and try including it in your next project.

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