Teaching Javascript is hard

This can probably be boiled down to "Teaching is Hard," but I think Javascript does have it's own set of unique challenges. Do you cover frontend or backend? Do you teach native implementations of tools or go ahead and just teach jQuery? Is teaching Grunt going to be out of date by the time your students get out into the real world?

The answer to all these questions is "Yes."

I think it's impossible not to overwhelm Javascript students, because Javascript is overwhelming. At the CodeFellows Javascript Foundations II night course I've been teaching the last couple of weeks I threw a difficult homework assignment at my students. Everyone, including myself, paniced. I left the class feeling anxious that I might have gone "too hard." Then the Pull Requests started coming in and ... They looked great! I threw 4/5 new concepts at the class and it took some time for the students to understand in their own way, but at the end of the day most of the class had working code.

Overall the experience was definitely challenging and rewarding for both the students and myself. Often times with programming it's easy to look at everything you don't know. Looking at what we covered in the short four week course, It was clear that we had moved through a ton of material and seeing the journey from start to end was amazing!